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Helping consumers resolve issues with their creditors.

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Washington Credit Repair Attorney

Washington Consumer Credit Attorney is an excellent resource to help you with debt lawsuit defense, settling judgments, apartment collections and auto repos.

Flat Fee Pricing with payment plans

We offer flat fee pricing disclosed in writing before you hire us. We allow payment plans on our fees to make our services available to most Washington consumers.

Professional Legal Services

Put our experience and knowledge to work for you. Our years of experience and legal knowledge can guide you through Washington laws and your consumer rights.

Transparent Process

We offer a completely transparent process with good communication from start to finish while we are working for you. We can show you all work done on your behalf.

We represent you

We represent you and your interest inside and outside of the Washington court system. We want what is best for you.

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Featured Legal Services

Debt Lawsuits

If you are sued by a debt buyer or creditor, we can help settle or fight them in court.


If you don’t settle a judgment your bank account may be garnished

Apartment Collections

The charges may be unlawful, unfair, and may break the law.

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